World’s first underground park to be built in New York?

World’s first underground park to be built in New York?

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The Lowline project is an initiative based in New York which hopes to convert an old streetcar terminal into the world’s first underground park.

The proposed site, a former trolley terminal, has been out of use since 1948. The infrastructure, however, has weathered the ages well, and there remains one acre of usable space. In converting the old terminal into a park, the project hopes to use a variety of modern technology to achieve their aims. The notable challenge of getting sunlight to the trees and plans belowground has been solved in some very inventive ways.

Using ‘Remote Skylights’ the project hopes to harness the power of the sun and transmit the light necessary for the growth of plants through a series of collection dishes and fibre optic cables.

The Lowline project hopes to have the park open and ready for visitors by 2018. Should the initiative succeed, it could mark the beginning of several similar projects striving to find new and inventive ways of solving space issues in modern cities.


Will Coleman