Texan man sells his car, only to find it in the hands...

Texan man sells his car, only to find it in the hands of ISIS in Syria

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When selling your vehicle, one usually presumes that it will end up going to a good home. Imagine the shock, then, of one Texas man who discovered, via Twitter, that his old pickup truck has ended up in the hands of Islamic extremists in Syria.

But how is this possible?

This remains the question of the day. In any case, the Texan plumber, Jeff Oberholtzer, certainly didn’t expect to find his former Ford F-250 truck in the hands of the Islamic State after selling it to a dealership in Houston, Texas. Yet if we are to believe the recent tweet from extremist group Ansar al-Deen, it does indeed appear that his erstwhile pickup has now been appropriated as an instrument of war. Oberholtzer recognised his truck due to the logo and contact details of his plumbing company emblazoned on the door of the vehicle. An unfortunate consequence of his company’s telephone number being on full display is that the plumber is now being flooded by calls from angry Americans accusing him of supporting Jihadists in Syria.

Completely refuting this claim, Oberholtzer stated: ‘We thought we were selling this vehicle to tow trailers, but now it is being used to sow terror’. The plumber went on to lament that ‘We have a company secretary who is presently dying of fear. We all have families. We don’t want any problems.’


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