Santa signs for hearing impaired girl

Santa signs for hearing impaired girl

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It’s cold and it’s raining and people are dressed up as reindeer, which means it’s time for a heartwarming seasonal story. This year it comes in the form of a police chief-Santa, and Sadie Adam, a hearing impaired six year old girl from Westminster, Massachusetts.

The young girl, who communicates via sign language, was astonished to find Father Christmas signing right back at her when she went to visit him this week in Massachusetts. The surprise was set up by Sadie’s mum, Ronelle Adams, when she approached police chief Salvatore Albert with her idea. Chief Albert, who has been dressing as Santa for 15 years in the town of Westminster, was ‘very happy’ to go along with the plan and sat with Sadie’s mum for an hour, learning all of the necessary sign language to surprise the little girl.

When Sadie first saw Santa signing ‘’She literally stopped dead in her tracks, and she just stared at him,’ her mother Ronelle Adam told WCVB news. After communicating for a while, and establishing that Sadie wanted a baby and a kitchen for Christmas, Chief Albert commented that ‘It was amazing to see the smile on her face and her eyes wide open with joy that Santa knew sign language. I am going to try to learn more for next year.’


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