Oldest two-headed cat in the world dies, aged 15

Oldest two-headed cat in the world dies, aged 15

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The record holding cat has died of cancer at the age of 15, a remarkable age considering the high mortality rates among the few other cats with this rare condition.

The cat, named Frank and Louie, was born with two faces – two noses, two mouths, three eyes, but a single brain. The exceptional animal is often referred to as a ‘Janus Cat’, in reference to the two-faced Roman God. Frank and Louie became famous in 2011 when he entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest two-headed cat in the world. In attaining this age, Frank and Louie has had to cheat death on several occasions.The cat’s first owner decided to have the animal euthanised upon discovering the condition, believing it was the kinder option, but Frank and Louie’s most recent owner, Martha Stevens, had other ideas and saved the rare animal by adopting. According to Martha, Frank and Louie was an affectionate, playful cat who loved to cuddle.

Martha said that the cat became ill around Thanksgiving and was euthanised on the 4th of December, after its arrival at the veterinary school at Grafton, Massachusetts. Vets believe that he had succumbed to cancer.