No more handwriting for Finnish students

No more handwriting for Finnish students

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In Finland, just like in numerous American States, teachers have decided to ditch the ink in favour of keyboards, which are considered to be more useful in today’s rapidly advancing technological world.

A first for Europe

This current generation could be the last to be taught handwriting in school. In Finland, primary school teachers decided to stop teaching handwriting, and beginning 2016, typing will take over.

More relevant to everyday life

In the U.S., this phenomenon is already on trial in many schools, an example which is being followed closely by Finnish educators who also believe typing to be a more pertinent skill in today’s society. Earlier this week, Minna Harmanen, from the National Finnish Board of Education declared ‘Fluent typing skills are important for national competence, the switch will be a major cultural change. Typing is more relevant to everyday life.’

American students have been without pens since 2014

Numerous American States have already adopted this new reform in schools, as of September 2014. Around 40 States chose to teach typing from primary school onwards, but they will still teach handwriting as well.