Kate Hudson leaves Matthew Bellamy for Derek Hough

Kate Hudson leaves Matthew Bellamy for Derek Hough

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Rumours regarding the separation of actress Kate Hudson, and the frontman of Muse, Matthew Bellamy, have recently been confirmed. Speculations about an affair between Hudson and Derek Hough have gained momentum ever since their meeting at the Love In For Kids charity evening.

Four years living as a couple

Hudson and Bellamy lived as a couple for four years and had one child together, Bingham Hawn Bellamy, a three year old boy. Engaged, but never married, the couple could have become official had Hudson said ‘yes’ when asked by Bellamy in April 2011. At the time, the actress stated that she didn’t see a ‘whole’ in marriage, and wished to emulate her parents.

‘My parents [Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell] aren’t married. One of the main reasons is that they’ve both been married before and they like how things are going for them now. They feel they don’t need a piece of paper to be committed. For me, marriage is not the key to everything.’

Kate Hudson and Derek Hough?

While rumours of their separation began making a buzz on the web in February, a source close to the couple has finally confirmed to the New York Daily News that it’s really over between the celebrity pair.

‘Matt is happy in England, while Kate is really focussed in Los Angeles. They have separate lives. It didn’t really work the way they wanted it to, although they really tried for the sake of their son.’

Whilst the couple haven’t formalised their separation, rumours that the actress has already set her sights on another man abound on the internet. The man in question? Derek Hough, the Dancing with the Stars sensation who Hudson reportedly finds ‘exceptional’.

‘My heart is really taken when ballroom dancing with Derek, it’s exceptional’

It appears the two met at the charity event Love In For Kids, which Hudson recently attended with her former partner, Bellamy.



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