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A couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous, have posted an advert in a specialised fertility clinic in the US seeking an Angelina Jolie look-alike to serve as an egg donor.

30,000 dollars for a baby that looks like Angelina Jolie

The anonymous couple posted the advert at Beverly Hills Egg Donation in California on Thursday 27th November, in search ofsomeone resembling the actress. The advert clearly stated that the prospective donor must be ‘Caucasian, with brown hair, tall and slender, with high cheekbones and forehead’. The advertisement also stipulated that the successful donor would be paid $30,000 for two egg cycles.

Angelina Jolie enchanted by the French

Jolie, certainly more occupied promoting her upcoming movie Invincible in Sydney, Berlin and Paris, recently stated that she found France ‘beautiful’. Together with her husband, Brad Pitt, the couple have already purchased a castle at Miraval and hope that their children will succeed in learning the French language.

‘It is a wonderful country. The people are beautiful and are often very intellectual. I hope that my children will be strongly influenced by their stay here in France.’

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On Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg sent an email to Facebook users regarding a new privacy policy which will go into effect on January 1st 2015.

The use of private data by Facebook

In the email, Zuckerberg made no secret of the fact that Facebook uses its users’ personal data for advertising purposes. However, he made efforts to reassure users that private data will remain exclusively for use in advertising and third party services. In Essence, Facebook will only use personal data to help tailor offerings of services, applications and advertisements that will more likely interest the user.

Improved privacy control

In order help initiate newcomers to the network, Facebook has implemented a new tool called Privacy Basics. This allows users to adjust in advance all privacy parameters relating to photos, status updates and videos etc. on their page. Users will also have the option whether or not to display some of the ads on their newsfeed, using the Ad Preference tab. In addition to these changes, the social network has also added a new ‘Buy’ feature, which allows money to be transferred between users and businesses. This tool has been in beta in the United States for some time.


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At the announcement of two new translations of her book, Thank you for this Moment, into both English and Italian, Valérie Trierweiler gave several interviews to the foreign press this weekend, most notably to the BBC.

Answering Sophie Raworth’s questions for The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, the former French First Lady lived up to her formidable reputation, criticising François Hollande not only in regards to his infidelity, but also on his politics and egocentricity.

Some speculate that her book is a bitter and frustrated attempt at revenge, but Trierweiler contends that the book was key to her recovery process. The former First Lady finally added that she hoped her new book would give the French President an ‘electric shock’.

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On November 21, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a plague outbreak in Madagascar. The WHO reported 40 deaths out of the 119 cases registered on November 16th.

Two cases in the capital 

On the same day, the WHO also reported two cases of bubonic plague in Antananarivo and one of the infected persons has now been pronounced dead. The first known case of the plague was declared on 31 August in a village; the victim later died on 3 September. According to the WHO, the healthcare system is not sufficient, a shortcoming which could help the disease to spread rapidly throughout the whole country.

“There is now a risk of a rapid spread of the disease due to the city’s high population density and the weakness of the healthcare system,” the WHO said.

Transmitted via flies and rats

The plague bacteria, which initially develops in rats, is transferred to humans by flies. In humans, it grows in bubonic form, and if the bacteria reaches the lungs, it can cause pneumonia and render the disease transmissible through coughing, which my kill in only 24 hours.


If diagnosed early, bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics. However, due to the  lack of an effective cure or consultation in remote regions, numerous people die.  The WHO and the African Development Bank activated a national task force in efforts to manage the outbreak.